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Goodbye and thanks - a final word from Australian Associated Press CEO Bruce Davidson

Wow! What a whirlwind of ideas, challenges and stimulation. 
Not to mention fantastic fun in the sun, surf and sea and the opportunity to reconnect with wonderful friends and colleagues. 

As MINDS Down Under comes to a close, I am so proud of my team at AAP. Without their creativity, enthusiasm and careful planning, none of these three days in Sydney would have been possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Thanks also to every one of the delegates from across the world  - MINDS is the richer for your participation and contribution. 

And next up - Helsinki! Can’t wait to see what our Finnish friends dish up at the next great MINDS event. 


A message from AAP Editor-in-Chief Tony Gillies

We are very proud that Sydney turned on some lovely weather for our MINDS friends. It created the perfect backdrop for a conference that was always designed to be both a personal and professionally rewarding experience for delegates.

The vibe around the social events and the working program itself was very good. Maybe that means we ticked the right boxes.

It was very important that a trip all the way to Australia would be worthwhile so we are also very proud of the AAP team - some of whom are not always known - for all the enthusiastic support they provided before and during MINDS Down Under.

The MINDS Board, Wolfgang, Adam and Petrov reaffirmed the relevance of MINDS with a well constructed and well run program. The quality of the session speakers was very good.

Finally, we hope the MINDS community will fondly remember this week in Australia and we wish everyone a safe journey back home.

Thanks, goodbye and safe travels - Managing Director of MINDS, Wolfgang Nedomansky

The 28th MINDS Conference in Sydney has been an outstanding event.

In total more than 90 people were involved in the Sydney Conference and 20 MINDS Members were represented. Which is not natural as most of the people had to travel to Down Under from the other side of the world. But it shows the strong commitment of this unique group of news agency managers.

We spent almost 3 days with a packed program, including excellent speakers who provided us with lots of new ideas and impulses. During these days, the MINDS Community has got so much food for thought which they will take home for discussions with their management teams. And we had also lot of fun parts, which included a dinner at famous Bondi Beach and another one on a super yacht which none of our delegates will ever forget.

At this point a big hand to our host AAP, especially to my friends Tony Gillies and Bruce Davidson. Thank you for all your support at preparing this successful event over the past 12 months, for your hospitality and generosity.

Also a big thank you to Miguel D’Souza for the production of this lovely live blog.

When planning our Conferences, I always start with saying “Let’s go for the best MINDS Conference ever”. Which will be now hard to do as we set the bar extremely high.
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